Create and Upload an Export Mapping File

This article explains how to create and upload a definition file for OpenGround import or export

The process involves two steps – Creating the Definition file and uploading it to OpenGround

Creating the Definition file from Excel.

  1. Select OpenGround Mapping | Mapping files | Write from the Excel Add-in
  2. Select the required file name or add a new one.
  3. Each sheet within your workbook will now be exported to this file.

Upload the Definition file.

  1. Open OpenGround Professional
  2. Select System | Manage | Configuration Packs Icon. This will open a new tab with all your configuration packs listed.
  3. Select the configuration pack that contains the mapping definition you want to download.
  4. Select “Upload Import Mapping” or “Upload Export Mapping” from the Configuration Tools | Manage | Transfer Mapping icon. This will display the Mapping Import form below.
  1. Select the File Format type from the dropdown list
  2. Give the Mapping a name – this is the name that appears in the dropdown list when you import a file. It is recommended that you give each import a different name when you are testing the system so you are sure your latest version is being used on import.
  3. Select the file created above and click Import.

OpenGround will now import the file and display a successful message.